1. humbleness, poorness, beggarliness, paltriness, patheticalness, pitifulness, pitiableness; shabbiness, shoddiness, dirtiness, scrubbiness, scruffiness, scurviness; miserableness, squalidness, starkness, hopelessness, oppressiveness; abjection, degradation, debasement, humiliation, humbling, mortification; misery, squalor, destitution, oppression.
2. baseness, vileness, lowness, depravity, unprincipledness, immorality, profligacy, profligateness; evilness, badness, wrongness, arrantness, nefariousness; meanness, villainy, villainousness, ignobility, ignobleness; contemptibility, contemptibleness, despicability, despicableness, detestability, detestableness, sordidness, infamy, infamousness, ignominy, ignominiousness, odium, odiousness, opprobrium, opprobriousness, execrableness, degeneracy, degeneration, corruptedness, corruptness, corruption, viciousness, reprehensibility, reprehensibleness, heinousness, atrociousness, flagitiousness, iniquity, iniquitousness, Archaic. facinorousness.
3. obsequiousness, slavishness, servility, servileness, toadyishness, sycophancy, flattery, fawning, truckling, ingratiation, Sl. bootlicking, Sl. brown-nosing; obeisance, prostration, falling on one's knees; groveling, cringing, crawling, crouching, sniveling, cowering.

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